Rega NEO PSU Power Supply

The Rega NEO PSU Power Supply is a convenient and advanced way to upgrade your compatible Rega turntable. The redesigned case and features such as user controllable speed adjustment, advanced anti-vibration motor circuit, and electronic speed change offer improved family feel and reduce motor noise. Enjoy increased speed stability and rotational speed accuracy for an even better listening experience.

The Rega NEO PSU Power Supply is an ultra-stable power supply with a high-precision DSP (Digital Signal Processing) generator. With its crystal base, it ensures a reliable source of clean power to keep your audio systems running smoothly.

Introducing the Rega NEO PSU Power Supply, designed to drive the 24v motor and turn the platter to the exact frequency required. This superior power supply uses a precision DSP generator to divide the crystal's accurate signal, producing a near perfect sinusoidal waveform. With its rear panel fine speed adjustment and custom Neo trim tool, you can achieve optimal performance.

Planar 6 and Planar 8 turntable models which include the Neo will now ship with the MK2 Neo supplied as standard.

Compatible Models:

  • P3-24
  • RP3
  • Planar 3 2016-current
  • RP6
  • P5
  • P7
  • RP40 special edition
  • RP8 or any older Rega turntable fitted with Rega's aftermarket 24v upgrade kit