PSB Synchrony T600 Floor Standing Speakers
PSB Synchrony T600 Floor Standing Speakers PSB Synchrony T600 Floor Standing Speakers PSB Synchrony T600 Floor Standing Speakers PSB Synchrony T600 Floor Standing Speakers PSB Synchrony T600 Floor Standing Speakers PSB Synchrony T600 Floor Standing Speakers PSB Synchrony T600 Floor Standing Speakers

PSB’s T600 Premium Tower Speakers deliver revelatory listening experiences, with uncanny tonal accuracy, thrilling dynamics, high-impact bass, transparent midrange, pinpoint imaging, and exquisite micro-detail. Featuring an all-new driver platform, new enclosure design, amplitude-perfect Linkwitz-Riley acoustic crossover, and integrated IsoAcoustics isolators, the current Synchrony series is the most advanced speakers PSB has ever offered.

Advanced Driver Design

The T600’s 6½″ (165mm) woofers and 5¼″ (133mm) midrange driver feature die-cast aluminum baskets, woven carbon-fibre cones, mass-loaded rubber surrounds, and an advanced motor structure that maintains constant magnetic force in the voice coil gap. The 1″ (25mm) titanium dome tweeter features Ferrofluid damping and a neodymium magnet.

These refinements result in wider bandwidth, higher maximum output, higher efficiency, better power handling, and reduced harmonic and intermodulation distortion. Combined with the B600’s amplitude-perfect Linkwitz-Riley 4th-order acoustic crossover, these advanced drivers deliver remarkably flat frequency response, so that every sound you hear is True to Nature.

Quiet Please

The T600’s MDF enclosure has more extensive internal bracing than any speaker PSB has ever built. This minimizes cabinet resonances that can cause uneven response and blur transients. The front baffle is clad in a 5mm-thick solid aluminum plate, which suppresses “baffle talk” that can obscure fine detail. Ten isolation cups decouple the aluminum plate from the enclosure, another measure that helps preserve fine detail.

The enclosure is divided into four chambers: one sealed chamber for the midrange driver and tweeter, and three identically tuned rear-ported chambers, one for each woofer. This breaks up standing waves inside the enclosure that could otherwise cause uneven response and distortion.

At the base of each T600 Tower are four outrigger stabilizers with custom isolators based on IsoAcoustics’ award-winning Gaia II isolators. These prevent mechanical energy produced by the drivers and cabinet from being reflected back into the enclosure. The result is improved micro-detail, clearer transients, a wider soundstage, and more precise imaging.

Smooth, Powerful Bass

The T600’s transitional-array design, with three woofers that cover progressively narrower frequency bands, produces smoother bass response, because it randomizes the floor bounce, wherein reflections of low-frequency waves from the floor interfere with direct radiation of the woofers.

Each T600 tower comes with two port plugs that can be inserted into the bass-reflex ports at the back. This lets listeners tailor bass output to suit their listening environment. The result is bass that is deep and visceral, yet taut and tuneful, and does not overload the room.

A Feast for the Eyes

The Synchrony T600 is available in two gorgeous furniture-grade finishes: Satin Walnut Veneer and High Gloss Piano Black. Acoustically transparent, magnetically attached grilles enhance the T600’s visual appeal. With design elements such as a tastefully etched Synchrony logo on the top edge of the baffle, PSB’s Synchrony T600 Towers will fit gracefully into any décor.

Five year warranty from PSB.

Price includes shipping (except for remote areas - contact us for a quote).

  • Frequency response: 30-20,000Hz (±1.5db), 24-33,000Hz (±3db)
  • 3 x 6½″ (165mm) woofers and 1 x 5¼″ (133mm) midrange driver with woven carbon fibre cones, cast aluminum baskets, mass-loaded rubber surrounds, and advanced motor structures
  • 1 x 1″ (25mm) titanium dome tweeter with Ferrofluid damping and neodymium magnet
  • Amplitude-perfect Linkwitz-Riley 4th-order acoustic crossover
  • Five-way transitional array design that randomizes the floor bounce
  • Low-resonance MDF cabinet with extensive bracing and decoupled aluminum-clad front baffle
  • Individually tuned chambers with rear-firing ports for each woofer
  • Outrigger stabilizers with integrated IsoAcoustics isolators
  • Satin Walnut Veneer and High Gloss Piano Black, with acoustically transparent magnetically attached grilles
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