Kimber Kable KS-USB-Hb USB Cable

 The KSUSB-HB is a no compromise design. The highest grade aerospace materials are incorporated into the KSUSB-HB for unmatched performance.

Dye-free wrapped air- articulated PTFE dielectric provides the highest degree of impedance uniformity and dielectric performance related to loss and delay. 100% pure silver signal conductors provide near lossless signal transmission (up to a 6.5 meter length.) The over braided shielding with 95% coverage (44awg copper with 8% silver plating) is circumferentially bonded to the USB connector shell with pure silver foil for maximum shielding performance. The 5V DC line is comprised of 4, 24AWG pure copper conductors. In many DAC implementations that don't utilize this 5V DC line these conductors are used to augment the ground plane. In these circumstances these pure silver conductors will push noise levels even lower. With a powered device you will see very low voltage drop on the 5V DC line.

These carefully executed details deliver sonic performance with no compromise.

Our price is for a single cable with USB A to USB B connectors and includes shipping.