Bryston Trim T10 Line Array Floorstanding Speakers
Bryston Trim T10 Line Array Floorstanding Speakers Bryston Trim T10 Line Array Floorstanding Speakers

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It is not sufficient to simply design speakers to look good on paper. In days past Bryston's loudspeaker engineers participated in ground breaking research that modernized speaker engineering. Since then, we have done more to correlate measured performance with perceived sound quality than just about every other manufacturer on the planet. Bryston's loudspeakers are extraordinary in their ability to reproduce lifelike sounds both accurate in timbre and dynamic range. Further, they are protected by our industry leading 20 Year Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Dressed in our stock or custom real wood veneer or paint, they look as great as they sound. 

We perfect the entire power response of the loudspeaker. We don't just hear the direct on-axis frequency response. Bryston loudspeakers have a flat response from ±15 degrees off axis. Furthermore, the entire 360 degree sound-field demonstrates exceptional freedom from major peaks or dips that could color the reflected sound around your room. Therefore, Bryston loudspeakers are far easier to place in your room than competing brands and will sound more neutral overall.

Sounds in real life are dynamic-they can move from whisper quiet to dramatically loud in a split second. For speakers to sound real, they need to respond just as fast. Bryston speakers can keep up with whatever your music and movie soundtracks throw at them. The largest Model T10 can play at up to 118dB before it even starts to distort! Even the smallest Tiny T10 can exceed 100dB all without deviating from the ideal response curve taken at reference level. It's not uncommon to find speakers costing many times as much that can't compete.

Truly great loudspeakers are equally comfortable playing music or movies. They show no bias. Our Model T and Model A Series are nuanced and delicate when playing fingerpicked guitar but also powerful and in command when rocking out. They have been engineered to have no character of their own. Let your music and movies do the talking. Hear them just as the artists intended through Bryston Loudspeakers.

When you are listening to a loudspeaker in a room you are always listening to a balance between the ‘Direct Sound’ and the ‘Reflected Sound’ from the boundaries of the room – this is called the ‘Power Response or Sound Power.

Type  3-Way Floorstanding Speakers
  • 2x 1" Titanium Tweeter
  • 2x 5.25" Mid-Range
  • 2x 6.5" Woofer
Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) 32Hz - 20kHz
Impedance 4 Ohms
SPL (In Room, 1w/1m) 91dB
SPL (Anechoic, 1w/1m) 87dB
Power Handling 30W - 700W
  • 250Hz
  • 2000Hz
Cabinet Design Enclosure Reflex/Vortex
  • Natural Cherry
  • Boston Cherry
  • Black Ash
  • Red Rosewood
  • Walnut
  • Your Custom Finish (Additional Charge)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 60" (1520mm) x 10" (260mm) x 16" (410mm)
Weight 83lbs (38kg)

Specifications Subject to Change

Expect a longer turn-around for Non-Standard Finishes

Price includes shipping to most areas of Canada