Bryston 4B³ Cubed 300W x 2 Power Amplifier

The Bryston 4B3 is a dual-mono, solid-state stereo amplifier, with two separate power supplies that include two large, stacked toroidal transformers with 300 Watts per channel into an 8 Ohm load or 500 Watts per channel into a 4 Ohm load.

The first incarnation of the 4B came out in 1976 and became an instant classic. The latest version, the Cubed, sets a new standard of audio purity with their patented Salomie circuit. It does everything just right from the deepest bass to the highest treble.

It has both single ended RCA jacks and balanced XLR inputs. It can be set to bridged mono mode for a whopping 900 Watts RMS.

Hand made in Peterborough, Ontario and a 20 year warranty is standard. Available in either black or silver and your choice of a 17" or 19" wide face plate.

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