Control Every Light

From the palm of your hand.

Recall different lighting scenes with ease

With lighting control from Lutron and Crestron you can create pre-defined scenes with any combination of light sources you'd like. Create a scene for entertaining and have the lights and shades adjust automatically to that preset at the touch of a button.

Never worry about leaving a light on again

Our team of experts can integrate your Lutron lighting control system with your security system, so when you arm your security system to away mode, your lights begin to mimic switching on and off as if you were home.

Stop fumbling for light switches at night

Your Lutron lighting system will softly illuminate the hall lights whenever you get up out of bed at night so you can see where you're going.

Shading Solutions

Tie automated shade and blind control from Lutron or Crestron to adjust shade levels automatically based on temperature and light level.

Shading control can save energy and make your home more comfortable by using natural right to light a room and control temperature.