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Why Audioshop?

Our team at Audioshop are Ottawa's Crestron experts. We can work with you through the design, installation, and support of a comprehensive home automation system designed with you in mind.

We have certified Crestron programmers and installers on staff that have years of experience making complex control systems completely intuitive and very easy to use. We also recognize that our job isn't over once we've finished the installation. We stand behind our installations and provide support whenever necessary. We recognize that a home control project is a long-term commitment, and we have the reputation and experience to back it up.

Crestron is the world leader in control and automation systems, with thousands of customers from every sector from education to government to multi-national corporate enterprises. Crestron's reputation is built on the reliability of its products, so you can rest assured knowing that your home's control system has a very impressive pedigree where reliability is paramount.